The Year of Everything & Nothing EP Launch!

We’re hosting a launch for our new EP ‘The Year of Everything & Nothing’ (out 21/09/2014) on 27th September at The Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle Upon-Tyne…

Joining us will be fantastic all girl garage rock 2-piece Witch Hands. We’ll also be illuminating the stage using images from the Grubb Parsons collection of glass lantern slides, courtesy of Tyne & Wear Archives, some of which we have used as artwork for the EP…

Grab your tickets here:

And tell us if you’re coming here…

The Year of Everything & Nothing EP launch poster


Day’s 6 & 7 – The Taming of The Beast

Like flowers, if you sing to a rough, ugly beast of average height it can make it grow into a tall and beautiful thing…At least we hope that’s what would happen!!?? Vocals and mixing were on the team sheet for the last two day’s of recording our EP.


James working through the tracks. Dylan wasn’t really much help, though he was there for moral support…

NB. The Nature of The Yeast! (This was Paul’s joke, it’s all his fault…)


When you’ve forgotten to eat your tea, there’s always toast! (inassociationwithcreaturesthebakersltd.termsandconditionsapply)

Day 2 – The Beast stirs!

Up at 8 o’clock to prevent any hair metal from bleeding into our mic’s – guitars, bass and keys were next on the list…

Marc, laying down those sweet solo’s that only beasts can hear!

Yellow Creatures #recording #studio #bass #gearporn #5string

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Joe, whipping out the funk! Like only he knows how…(James Brown style)

And who’s this cool customer? Paul, tinkling those ivories.