Nature of The Beast (Live at St. Dominics Catholic Club)

Here’s a live recording of one of our songs taken from the Christmas Extravaganza gig we put on last month with Lunar Bells & Jack Gardner of Silly Billies Comedy Night

Recording times…

Started recording two new songs today, it’s not a very visually exciting process, but here are the visual highlights regardless…

WP_001435In the mix…

WP_001438Bass times…and James Armstrong behind the controls

WP_001433Is it just me or does Paul’s guitar strap contain the face of Abe from Abe’s Odyssey and Abe’s Exodus?

WP_001430“I want you oot!!”

WP_001426It’s doesn’t sound that bad surely???

So there you have it, today’s visual highlights…(when does match of the day start again…?)