Yellow Creatures are:

Martin Jacobs – Drums

Paul Gardner – Keyboard’s & Guitar

Joe Barton – Bass

Marc Bird  – Guitar & Vocals

“…this brand-spanking-new Newcastle quartet, who have emerged over the last year to become purveyors of whip-smart, intelligent post-punk that nods to its pub rock and garage roots whilst also looking forward into stanger, more surreal territory. Their remarkably drilled, un-fuckable live show remains the best way to get the full Yellow Creatures experience, but their debut EP Nature of the Beast brings some of their current set back to the house rather nicely.

Drop Anchor is a fine, surfed-up instrumental opener, before the muscular title track looks the tedium of the daily grind square in the eyes and drags it kicking and squealing to riff nirvana. On the second half, two slower tracks show the diversity and humanity of the act, with the pseudo-confessional Before The Flickering of Shadows standing out as a track a younger Howard Devoto would have sold his grandparents off to have written. How the hell does a band burst out of the gates with something this assured, this determined?” (EPs of 2013: Endless Window Blog 2013 Review)