Download new single ‘Town Hall Crypt’ for free NOW!

You can now download our new single ‘Town Hall Crypt’ for free from along with the B-Side ‘On The Death of A Winged Creature’.

‘Town Hall Crypt’ tells the fictional story of one record obsessed man’s efforts to foil the local town council’s plan to steal the weekly lottery money from its people. In case you hadn’t already guessed…?

Thank you to James Armstrong for using all his technical wizardry to help us record and master the two songs. And a big thank you to Andy from Woods Library for giving us permission to use some of their collection of fantastic photo’s as artwork.

You can also get a hold of a physical copy at any one of these gig’s were playing:

Thursday 10th Oct   Brew Dog, Newcastle (Supporting Brown Brogues) – FREE ENTRY

Tuesday 22nd October   Cluny 2, Newcastle (Supporting Bleached)

Thank you for your support x


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